3D CAD Design

3D CAD Design
Loktec 3D CAD Design department are fully trained and host a wealth of experience in the appropriate CAD design area. The team are able to comprehend all site information starting from the site survey to produce a design that will be accepted by the end user, client and planners.
Loktec understand that the end user will need to know if their fixtures and fittings are effected with the proposed ATM location and that the ATM is in the most suitable location to achieve greatest transaction numbers.

Therefore, our site design will be clear and concise and will highlight appropriately all areas involved with an ATM installation.
The client’s interests in the final and approved designs is that the best location is realised for a number of reasons such as:

Potential transaction numbers
Longevity of the location
Security of the ATM and site

All of our designs are fully conversant with all ATM types and are designed by some of the most experienced 3D CAD design department within the industry.

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