Anti-Ram Raid Plinth

The Loktec Anti-Ram Raid Plinth (Patent no. GB2517601) is the ULTIMATE and most cost effective ATM protection system available.

The Anti-Ram Raid Plinth is both designed and manufactured by Loktec Security Group to stop ram raid attackers removing ATMs.

The ARRP Offers both a visual and a physical protection system both of which are readily available for all makes and models of ATMs whilst boasting its unique tamper proof design. The ARRP is tested independently at our state of the art, top of the range testing area. The Anti-Ram Raid Plinth is tested to resist attacks exceeding 350 Kilo–Newton of dynamic impact load using heavy plant such as JCBs and large 4X4 vehicles.

UK designed and manufactured
Independently tested to BS6399
Designed to resist dynamic impact loads exceeding 350Kn
Unique patented tamper proof design
Visual and physical deterrent
Approved by ATM vendors, UK and Global banks
For all ATM models
Heavy duty construction
Non-invasive installation
Patent number: GB2517601
Verification of Testing Loads:
Dynamic Impact
Direct Load

Anti-Ram Raid PlinthAnti-Ram Raid Plinth - X-Ray
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