Anti-Skimming Eye – New Generation

Card skimming on an ATM is #1 among card based fraud and cash loss.

In 2014 €275 million across Europe was lost through card skimming on an ATM. Not only is an ATM a target, but the threat also applies to self service terminals such as ticket kiosks and petrol forecourt pumps. The ASE-NG will keep you and your customers protected today and tomorrow.

The benefits of installing the ASE-NG:
The world’s first smart, connected anti-skimming solution
The most reliable solution against mono and stereo skimming techniques
A comprehensive solution against overlay, inlay, internal and eavesdropping attacks
Offer anti skimming solution for both motorised and dip card readers

The ASE-NG creates a magnetic field around the card reader so in the event of an undetectable skimming device being attached, it will be unusable. It is compatible with all brands and models of ATM or self service terminal. ASE-NG will protect and retain your:

ASE-NG uses a unique jamming technology which eliminates any type of skimming attacks, regardless of type or device.

ASE-NG protects your whole ATM/SST estate as it is compatible with all brands and models.

ASE-NG is under your control with an advanced monitoring and management application offered as a web tool.

All features:
Proven jamming technology
Automatically activated during card insert and reject
Self protection mode against external attacks with auto resume
Remote monitoring and management over USB
Detailed error coding (10 different status codes)

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