ATM Fogging

Loktec provides the most cost effective and controlled ATM fogging activations ever available to the ATM Security industry.

Protect your property from intruders and burglers with ATM-FOG; designed to encourage thieves out of the building.

ATM-FOG fills any room with a controlled activation in seconds.

Loktec is the first choice for ATM fogging installations for the ATM Security industry.

Loktec have installed and continue to maintain 100s of ATM-Fogging units in the UK, our expertise has been developed over years of developing with the ATM companies.

Loktec have an ATM-FOG unit for all sizes of ATM rooms, store locations and large retail facilities, at a price that will dramatically lower the cost compared to the usual imported products that are sold into the UK.

ATM Fogging Extremely Cost Effective
Latest Technology
Robbery Protection
Burglary Protection
Rapidly Installed
Enhanced Security
Protect in Seconds
Nationwide Expert Installation

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