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ATM Gas Attack Protection

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Gas attacks on ATMs – A growing threat

ATM Gas attacks are a growing global threat and continue to be a major concern for both members of the public and staff alike.

The reason why ATM gas attacks are growing in popularity among criminals is that an ATM gas attack is extremely easy to execute.

ATM gas attacks are a worrying development for ATM owners due to the huge collateral damage they cause, the loss of cash and the potential harm to both staff and customers alike.

ATM gas attacks are carried out by both professional and copycat criminals.

How do you combat this risk threat?

The Loktec ATM Gas Attack Protection System is the latest generation of a complete ATM safe protection against ATM gas attacks.

The GPS has the quickest gas detection of any other solution in the marketplace, and will protect the potentially dangerous criminal ATM gas attacks.

The GPS operates on 5 activation-detection levels that not only contain the initial attempted explosive gas but continues indefinitely to suppress and extinguish any possible after effect of continuous gas injection and potential combustion.

ATM Gas Protection System excerpt

Fastest gas detection system available in the world
Indefinite window of protection
Non-invasive installation
The solution cannot be compromised
Designed and manufactured in the UK
The most compact system available on the market
The latest generation of complete ATM safe protection against gas attacks
UL and CE tested and approved components
Efficacy cover for the lifetime of the product
ATEX 95 approved sensors
10 year warranty on all components
Fire risk protected
Instant alarm connectivity
Fits all ATM models
Available through our global partner network
The only company in the world to engage with a UK government-approved testing facility during the design process to carry out controlled explosions

The Loktec ATM Gas Protection System is the most cost effective solution that will protect your assets, people and the public. Don’t wait, before it’s too late contact us with your requirements.

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