The ATM Mini Lock:
The Best physical solution to ATM PC & SW security
Centrally managed access control software
Generate instant one-time-codes
Send as SMS or communicate with mobile app.
Keep logs; who accessed when to which ATM
High security with One Time Codes
Lock, user and time period specific passwords
Encryption with renewable master keys
User authentication with user PIN
NFC Ready
Convenient use with NFC enabled smart phones (optional)

Higher Security
Centralized control and management of ATM PC access
Keep track of access logs
Physical protection against malware attacks
Better Convenience
No need to carry physical keys
Automatic Unlocking with NFC smart phones (optional)
Easy to use with mobile applications (optional)
Higher Service Quality
Ability to make secure access to any ATM PC at anytime
Shorter ticket close time
Lower Operational Costs
No need to assign a security person to accompany to FLM/SLM staff (no armoured car either)
No repetitive visits due to forgotten keys

Easy Installation
Surface Mounting:
– Use existing key hole
– Only a screw hole is needed
– Drilling template is provided
Recessed Mounting:
– Cutting template is provided
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