ATM Signage

ATM signage is an extremely important aspect to compliment the finalised ATM installation. ATM signage can be done on a through the wall (TTW), External ATM and also the Internal ATM.

Loktec Security Group ATM signage come as wraps for Internal ATMs and external housings, to cutting edge concepts with back lit LEDs. The ATM signage will cultivate the impression of the ATM location and deliver an increase in transactions and foot traffic to the ATM.

Loktec use LED signs to enhance the appeal of the ATM. LED signs use technology that maximises the look and feel of the ATM and additionally improves the serviceability of the ATM.

Our expertise in ATM re branding will assist you the client and in turn your customers to improve the attraction to specific locations along with loyalty branding that will engage with end users.

ATM signage

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