The world’s most advanced re-locking system designed to convert single point to multi point safe locking.

Designed by our own security engineering team and manufactured by Loktec in our own CNC machine workshop using ATM-PROTECTâ„¢ technology to provide the Ultimate locking solutions.

Developed over 25 years using specialist industry knowledge, the Lokmatic re-locking systems have been designed to provide protection against drill, power grinders, oxy acetylene and ATM door pull attacks.

The Lokmatic Re-locking Systems are now recognised as the most effective time delay system available to stop organised crime targeting ATMs. With over 10,000 systems now successfully deployed in the UK.

The Lokmatic re-locking systems will provide a continual return on investment year on year.

LokMatic Illustration Approved by UK Banks and CIT Companies
Proven Technology
Convert Single Point to Multi Point Locking
Cost Effective
Manufactured by Loktec
Nationwide Installation
Precision CNC Engineered
Easily Retro Fit
Designed by Loktec

*Please note that due to security reasons, we are unable to illustrate the full complexity of the LokMatic range.

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