Tomorrow’s technology today.

The Safe-Track works on the strongest GSM signal network coverage in the area of your asset, giving you worldwide tracking with a 3Mb roaming SIM card. The system provides Instant email or text alerts on the motion and movement of your asset.

Safe-Track is tamper proof, waterproof and uses industrial strength magnets to fix onto any asset. safe-track

Added benefits:
Rechargeable and long life battery of 2 years
Real time tracking
In built LBS (location base services) system in the event that a GSM signal cannot be obtained
Battery life of 4-6 months after motion activation
Unlimited tracking
Fully integrated with google maps
Tracking history stored for future reference
Magnetised with extra strong magnets
Overall dimensions are: 125mm x 73.6mm x 34mm
Weight of the tracker is: 350 grams

The Safe-Track Mini uses all the latest technology in the Safe-Track scaled down to a size that will give you excellent covert capabilities with the best battery life available in such a small tracking device.

Most of the benefits of the Safe-Track
Battery life of 1 – 2 months after motion activation
Geozone alert notifications

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